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Calling God Central

Don’t you ever just wish you could “get it” once and for all? I do. This is not the first time I have affirmed keeping God at the Center of my life. From Lutheran confirmation instruction to Camp Quaker Haven as a teen, through the

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Prayer of Silence

God How do I answer those who would condemn me to hell in your name and in the name of love? God How do I answer those who would support my baptism as a child of God, but not my ordination to God’s service in

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The Light at the Ocean Depths

In times like these in which we practically can cure aging with the ingredients of Mother Nature and modern science, children are still starving in the world, while others are killing one another. The rapidly encroaching lack of safe spaces in the world prompts me

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I Thank You God, For the Rainbow

I thank you G_D for the Rainbow! And for every youth who has survived public or private schools, homophobic homes, heterosexist families, churches and societies. I am grateful for the code of the Still Small Voice Within Desirous of Just “A Safe Place” in which

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Where is it Written?

Independence Day 1993 found us on the eve of President Clinton’s “honorable compromise” to his original promise to lift the ban of same gender oriented personnel in the American armed forces. With the pledge of allegiance that I’d said so many times as a child