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Grandparent and grandchild walking

Coming Home

We were picking blackberries in Franklin, Georgia. He was on one side of the bush and I was on the other. I looked up and said “Dad, I am gay.” He looked directly at me through the thorny branches, heavy with berries. “Well, you can’t


Into the Lion’s Den

Roby Sapp and Dotti Berry weren’t going to let Dr. Dobson’s closed doors stop them from having the opportunity to share their stories and take some love inside Focus on the Family. On Tuesday, May 2, after having participated in the weekend-long Soulforce vigil and

Statue of Jesus

The Jabez Paradox: Shrinking the Territory

It all began innocently enough. I am putting together a book called “Sunshine for the GLBTA Person’s Soul: Inspiring and Affirming Stories that Celebrate the Spirit of Being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allied Persons.” The “sunshine” – our affirming stories we have to tell