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Not ‘If,’ But ‘When’

Lord, show me, I’m on my knees, even though my soul bleeds, I still believe, Feel like Job ain’t got a thing on me, won’t You tell me please — why God why God why God why God why? The above are lyrics I wrote

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I Am With You Always

During a rather difficult time in my life, when I had been praying consistently for a broken relationship to be restored, I recall mentioning to my rather conservative Christian father that God seemed to be responding to my prayers with silence, as the woman who

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Beyond Definition

I usually write an article every issue of “Whosoever”, because I know that this is one of the few places where I can express myself as a bisexual Christian without fear of condemnation and judgment, and I know that there are many other bisexuals who

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On Earth As It Is in Heaven

It’s funny, sometimes, how that old statement that I have been hearing all of my life, “God never gives us more than we can handle”, seems to resurface over and over again at times in my life. Even even more astounding is how when it

Abandoned adult

Second Coming: A Poem

I originally wrote this little poem last year, and though it mentions LGBT issues very briefly, it’s designed for everyone to enjoy and think and reflect on. I got to thinking about the fact the other day that we have so much diversity in and

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Mysterious, Wonderful Ways

One of the Bible verses that has often made so much sense to me is one of Paul’s. I can honestly say that while I do not agree with many of the statements attributed to Paul, his views on salvation, love, the nature of Christ,

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Seventy Times Seven

For us to say that we forgive someone is one of the easiest things in the world for most of us. For us to feel it can, at times, be a long and difficult struggle. I have often said that I feel the reason that

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Where There Is Love

Where there is love, Where mercy abounds, Where justice prevails, There surely is God, found in our midst, Where there is Love. (Bob Hurd) Those beautiful lines are the chorus to a hymn that I sang for the opening of the Valentine’s Day service of

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When Hope Is Hard To Find

Come, dream a dream with me; come dream a dream with me; come dream a dream with me; that I might know your mind; And I’ll give you hope, when hope is hard to find; and I’ll bring a song of love, and a rose