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Book Review: “Not Afraid to Change” by John Paulk

During the past year, homophobic religious and political forces have accelerated and intensified their unrelenting attacks against homosexuals with ads in newspapers, magazines, and television. John Paulk along with his “former lesbian” wife Anne have become symbols of the “Ex-Gay” push for acceptance and approval

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Truth That Restores Hope

“I am convinced that not death or life, not even angels, not politicians (rulers), not things in the present or things in the future, not force, not highs or lows, and not any other created thing will be able to cut us off from the

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Meditations That Helped Me

Three years ago when my partner left me and I began to sink into a fog of self-pity and remorse, my good friend Rev. Carolyn Mobley, Associate Pastor of MCC of the Resurrection in Houston, TX, recommend that I should read a very special book

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What Jesus Said About Family Values

“Traditional Family Values” has become a powerful political slogan and an anti gay weapon that cannot be ignored. Did Jesus talk about family values? How can Jesus lead us into a Christian gay and lesbian understanding of family values? Jesus expressed great respect for family

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Life in the Brave New World of Jesus

When I was at the seminary, a team of students did interviews with people who had made “decisions for Christ” in a local evangelistic crusade in Kentucky. They also interviewed others who knew the recent converts. To their surprise they found that the most common

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My Story

I grew up in a Southern Baptist home and church in South Carolina, a small town with cotton mills and a Presbyterian college. My parents taught me by example the family values of love, respect for all people, kindness, generosity, truth telling, fairness, self respect,

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God Through Gay Eyes

When I was a student at Furman University, we had an annual “religious emphasis week” when famous spiritual leaders would come to lecture, preach and hold discussion groups with the students. The best speaker that we ever had was a Southern Baptist Pastor who related