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How To Wreck a Relationship: Be a Lady

The ideals our culture installs in little girls to make them into “real women” hurt close relationships. The goal is to make women the warrior support personnel needed to maintain masculine-based warrior culture. The pattern of masculinity that destroys deep relationships requires the pattern of

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After Doing Everything Right for Marriage Equality

The anti-marriage-equality juggernaut moves on successfully every time it’s put to the people. These religious and political extremists know how to use an apparently democratic process because they’ve borrowed the business lobby’s issue-distorting techniques to win referenda. Meanwhile, pro-equality activists work hard to fight a

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A Meditation on Addictive Religion

Take right-wing religion’s teaching that people are basically so evil and lost that they deserve eternal, abusive punishment. Add its effectiveness at convincing people of their innate evil because they’re prepared for it through childrearing methods that punish inherently bad children. Enforce such messages with

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When Religion Is an Addiction

I remember hearing popular psychological speaker and writer John Bradshaw say that the “high” one gets from being righteous was similar to the high of cocaine. As both a former monk and addict, he knew the feelings personally. As the religious right pushes its anti-gay,