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Let Them Hit Bottom

There are clear signs that right-wing dominance is waning. But it’s not time for us to celebrate or think that their fall is irreversible. It’s time instead to make sure we aren’t under them, trying to prop up their egos, while they fall. It’s time

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There’s Money, Not Bigotry, in Our Genes

There’s big, big money available for anyone who’s ready to find the source of all human problems in our genes. It can construct whole institutes and enormous buildings. You’d have thought that with all that money around we would have found a genetic cause for

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Those June Gay Lifestyle Expos

It wouldn’t be the first time that someone pointed out that Gay Pride Festivals aren’t gay pride festivals any more. They’re no longer defiant statements that affirm against mainstream bigotry that LGBT people are proud and healthy anyway. They’re now concerned with being liked by

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Graduating From the Accelerated “Straight 101” Class

Last November, the New Life Church, a model fundamentalist mega-church he had founded in Colorado Springs, ousted fifty-year-old Ted Haggard, its senior pastor. A darling not only of Republican Christianity (Haggard participated in regular conference calls with Bush), but of his own 14,000 member religious

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Mel White’s Journey Continues

“The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right” is the subtitle of Mel White’s brand new book, Religion Gone Bad. It’s his latest intimate analysis of the intentions of the extreme right-wing of Christianity that’s been setting the national agenda for over a decade. Most well-known

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Marriage Amendments Threaten Religious Freedom

There’s another argument to be made when we fight state and federal marriage amendments. It has the potential to take back the debate because it’s about the Constitution and the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom. There’s no doubt that the need for marriage equality

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If You Permit Big Enough Lies Long Enough…

The religious and political right-wing has learned that if you repeat lies over and over, eventually people will believe them and the mainstream media will repeat the lies as if they are just as respectable as the truth. Especially when the opposition is too afraid

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Why I Am Not a Democrat

Paul Hackett is an Iraq War veteran. This grandson of a union man and son of a traveling salesman & schoolteacher fought in Ramadi and Fallujah and returned to his Ohio home in 2005. He’s also committed to “retooling” the Democratic Party and, from the