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Child laughing holding Bible

Realizing the Truth

Once Satan and his demon sidekick were walking down the street, closely watching a man 20 yards ahead who was on the verge of realizing the Supreme Truth. The demon grew worried, and began to nudge Satan, but Satan looked quite calm. Sure enough, the

Child laughing holding Bible

Safe in Church

The preacher was wired for sound with a lapel mike, and as he preached, he moved briskly about the platform, jerking the mike cord as he went. Then he moved to one side, getting wound up in the cord and nearly tripping before jerking it

Child laughing holding Bible

Last Rites

A man was struck down by a bus on a very busy street. As he was lying near death after being pulled up onto the sidewalk, a crowd of spectators began to gather around him. “My God, a priest. Somebody get a priest!” the critically

Child laughing holding Bible

What Pastors Dream About

Here are some things that a pastor dreams of hearing in their church. 1. Hey! It’s my turn to sit in the front pew. 2. I was so enthralled, I never noticed your sermon went 25 minutes over time. 3. Personally I find witnessing much

Child laughing holding Bible

A Cat’s View of Creation

On the first day of creation, God created the cat. On the second day, God created man to serve the cat. On the third, God created all the animals of the earth to serve as potential food for the cat. On the fourth day, God

Child laughing holding Bible

Do You Know the Way?

A little boy was waiting for his mother to come out of the grocery store. As he waited, he was approached by a man who asked, “Son, can you tell me where the post office is?” The little boy replied, “Sure, just go straight down

Child laughing holding Bible

Don’t Tell My Wife

A young preacher recently came upon a farmer working in his field. Being concerned about the farmer’s soul the preacher asked the man, “Are you laboring in the vineyard of the Lord my good man?” Not even looking at the preacher and continuing his work

Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson

Episode 30: Bishop Gene Robinson

Read related articles Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson has used his experiences, and his high position, to pen a new book, God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage, that seeks to answer the ten most popular questions he has heard about marriage equality for

Child laughing holding Bible

The Driving Pope

The pope flies to California to make a speech. He’s picked up in a limo and is being driven down the highway, when he thinks how nice it would be to do some driving himself. He rolls down the window and taps the driver on

Child laughing holding Bible

Rottweiler Jesus

Late one night, a burglar broke into a house that he thought was empty. He tiptoed through the living room but suddenly he froze in his tracks when he heard a loud voice say, “Jesus is watching you!” Silence returned to the house, so the