Bzzzt! The Detector Goes Off Again!

So Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher has “homosexual” friends, but lets them nowhere near his children.

I won’t ask what sort of paragon of Christian morality has friends he can’t allow around his children.

Nor will I ask how many “homosexual” friends Joe the Plumber really has, because this is clearly a lie. The people of whom he speaks are about as real as the Little People of Bronze Age Ireland, or the snipe farm kids used to take their city cousins out to hunt.

But as a Christian who genuinely cares about morality, and who really does worry about The Children (and what about them, anyway?!), I must ask one question. Why do we keep letting bigots raise children?

Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View has turned against the Republican Party’s brightest star.

Whether it is borne of disgust, fatigue or mere boredom, most of America seems to be turning away from the sort of ignoramus prejudice expressed by the likes of Wurzelbacher. When the most outspoken Right-Wing standardbearers in pop culture turn against them, they really are through.

Bzzzzt! There goes that detector. After years of inactivity, somebody finally replaced the battery. And now it even works against homophobia.

Change doesn’t begin in Washington D.C. It comes out of the hearts of ordinary folks around the country. God doesn’t need people like Joe the Plumber to tell “Him” what to think about “queers.” And neither — it is becoming increasingly obvious — does anybody else.