The Donald Sides with the Pretty Woman

When has Donald Trump ever denied anything to a pretty woman? Why would anyone think that he’d strip Miss California Carrie Prejean of her title, especially after getting a peek at those newly, man-made breasts?

The decision, announced at Trump’s New York headquarters Tuesday, follows several weeks of controversy ignited when Prejean, 21, declared her opposition to same-sex marriage in response to a question during the national pageant. She finished as runner-up to Miss USA.

Trump said of the pictures: “Some were very beautiful.”

Hubba, hubba.

There’s nothing wrong with a man looking at naked boobies, right, Donald? Now, when men want to look at other naked men or women want to look at other women’s naked boobies – that’s where we draw the line.

With Prejean at his side, Trump also defended the answer she gave at last month’s Miss USA pageant when asked for her views on same-sex “marriage.” Prejean said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. Trump says that’s “the same answer the president of the United States gave” and reflects the views of “many people.” He says Prejean “gave an honorable answer” that came “from her heart.”

And, all those who opposed interracial marriage spoke from their heart as well. It doesn’t mean they are right. Both Prejean and President Obama are wrong on this issue and history will prove it, just as it proved those who opposed interracial marriage wrong.

The issue is not whether she spoke “from her heart” but whether she violated her contract by posing for the photos and abandoning her duties by working with the National Organization for Marriage against marriage equality. State pageant officials believe she did.

But, all a pretty woman has to do is show her breasts and men like Trump start thinking with their tiny brains instead of their big brains.