Can Bisexuals Be Monogamous?

It is clear that the Biblical pattern for sex is life long monogamy. What is a bisexual to do? How can she remain true to what she is and have a life long commitment to only one person when one person, no matter the gender, is after all, only one gender?

Just curious,

Dear Doug,

Actually, I guess I have always, as a gay male, been a little jealous of the bisexual community. I mean, after all, with their comfort level they certainly have a much wider and deeper pool of people from which to meet the “right one.”

I don’t think it is a just a matter of being true to a “gender.” The issue, it seems to me, is being true to a person. You follow and maintain a covenant relationship with one person at a time. I might have an eye for other men, for their bodies or personalities, but my commitment is to the one for whom I declared my love. I don’t think it is any different for a bisexual. As I said earlier, the gender with whom they make that commitment could be one of two, while heterosexuals or homosexuals are limited to just one gender.

God bless,
Pastor Paul