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Putting the ‘Bi’ in the Bible

If we know one thing about guys in ancient Rome, it’s that they swung both ways. “Roman society almost unanimously assumed that adult males would be capable of, if not interested in, sexual relations with both sexes,” as John Boswell noted back in his 1980

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A Place for Us

A world where you and I belong Where faith and love will keep us strong Exactly who we are is just enough There’s a place for us — Carrie Underwood, “There’s A Place For Us” I have to admit, my personal taste in music is

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Out of the Closet and Into a Box

For someone as touchy about being confined to cramped quarters as I am, coming out of the closet and telling my husband that I am a bisexual last year seemed like it would be a pretty freeing experience. So it was, for about five minutes.


Is Bisexuality a Sin?

I want to know: Am I a sinner if I like to be bisexual? Thanks for your response. Dear Child of God, In a word — NO! The gender of who we are attracted to in a sexual way is not a sin. However, how

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More Stories of Faith

Emily Ramsey’s Story I’m a 22 year old woman, both a Christian, and a lesbian. I became a Christian when I was about 7 years old, and grew up in the church. I was home-schooled, and attended a private Christian school at my church. When


Can Bisexuals Be Monogamous?

It is clear that the Biblical pattern for sex is life long monogamy. What is a bisexual to do? How can she remain true to what she is and have a life long commitment to only one person when one person, no matter the gender,