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Tattooed asian woman sitting in a box

Out of the Closet and Into a Box

For someone as touchy about being confined to cramped quarters as I am, coming out of the closet and telling my husband that I am a bisexual last year seemed like it would be a pretty freeing experience. So it was, for about five minutes.


Is Bisexuality a Sin?

I want to know: Am I a sinner if I like to be bisexual? Thanks for your response. Dear Child of God, In a word — NO! The gender of who we are attracted to in a sexual way is not a sin. However, how


Can Bisexuals Be Monogamous?

It is clear that the Biblical pattern for sex is life long monogamy. What is a bisexual to do? How can she remain true to what she is and have a life long commitment to only one person when one person, no matter the gender,