Ellen, the Pill, and Fake Christians – Tuesday News

– The birth control pill is celebrating 50 years of giving women control over their own bodies – but that doesn’t mean everyone wants the pill to stick around. A conglomeration of anti-abortion groups will protest the pill on June 5. Not because they oppose contraception because it prevents pregnancy – but because it harms the environment. Who knew these folks were such tree-huggers?

– American Idol ratings are apparently headed downward – but don’t blame the bad singers and performers. It’s all Ellen DeGeneres’ fault, because she likes girls instead of boys and God can’t let a program succeed with a lesbian on it – like, say, a popular daytime talk show.

– Bryan Fischer at the American Family Association is one scary dude. He thinks Jesus was a capitalist and would sign Arizona’s immigration law “in a heartbeat.” Now, he’s doing the scripture twist on Numbers 25 to advocate killing anyone he considers “sexually immoral” – like, y’know, gay people. So much for that “love your neighbor as yourself” crap.

– Rick Warren tells “fake Christians” to get out of his church. Good news for Warren, all that property Saddleback owns should fetch a nice price for him to retire on.