Episcopal Guy Joins the Village People

For the first time in their three decades of existence, the disco band The Village People have inducted an openly Episcopal man, igniting a controversy that threatens to tear the fabled group asunder.

In a recent press conference, The Construction Worker, a prominent member of the band since its inception in the 1970s, urged “tolerance and understanding” for its latest member, The Episcopal Guy, who joined the group just recently.

“From the start, The Village People have been all about inclusiveness,” The Construction Worker said. “And introducing The Episcopal Guy as our latest member is part of that tradition.”

The Indian Chief and The Fireman were reportedly in agreement with The Construction Worker about including The Episcopal Guy in the band, but The Policeman, The Cowboy, and the Leather-clad Guy were reportedly opposed, creating speculation that The Village People might split up into two or more smaller, somewhat less influential disco bands.