Everyday Spirituality

Spirit is as close to us as the air we breathe yet this Presence can often feel as far away as Pluto.

How can we come closer and remain close? Truthfully, I can only answer this question for myself. What I have learned over the years is that each of us has a special, unique relationship with God, Spirit, whatever you chose to call the Most High. However, there are things that I can share to help you with your special, unique walk with the Divine One.

Spirituality is celebrating the divine and nourishing the soul. How do you go about doing so?

The word everyday connotes essential. Something that is essential is something that is necessary. Believe it or not, spirituality is a basic necessity.

The most pivotal thing I have learned on my path is that God is everywhere and in every thing. One of the most significant things I tend to forget along my path is that God is everywhere and in every thing. Through both experiences I have learned to practice a spirituality that is not something I regard as outside of myself. This is a lesson you can learn too.

When we rise there are things we do that are so familiar and routine to us we don’t even have to think about it:

  • Shower
  • Brush our teeth
  • Comb our hair
  • Kiss our loved ones
  • Eat breakfast
  • Exercise

What about prayer and meditation? Are these essential activities on our to-do lists?

When we finally find our true connection with Spirit, we uncover our true spirituality. When we finally realize that our fellowship with Spirit is an everyday occurrence, we uncover our true spirituality. When we finally understand that God is everywhere and in every thing, then we will understand everyday spirituality.

Here is my suggestion: Get in the habit of doing something very loving for your self and others-every day!

There are mornings I wake up and before I get out of the bed I say to myself, “This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Some days I simply say, “Thank you. I acknowledge Presence in my life. I look in the mirror I say to myself, Sheila, I love you! Sheila, I love you! I love you!”

While I am in the shower I say the following affirmation from Catherine Ponder’s 40-day prosperity plan: “It is the divine nature of God to give, full measure, pressed down, and running over. It is my nature to receive the divine bounty constantly. I attract to myself all that is mine to have through my clear, healthy, consciousness of abundance. The flow of my good is endless. Thanks, God. And So It Is!”

Still, there are mornings I wake up and am so rushed I barely have time to practice this loving ritual. Sometimes I have to give thanks or show myself a little love while driving to work. Yet, I cannot begin my day without acknowledging the presence of Spirit in my life. To me, it would be like going to work and forgetting to put on my shoes or wash my face.

We so need to honor and cherish the Divine within. When we do this within, then it will resonate on the outside. When your spiritual practice becomes part of your daily routine, this is when you have everyday spirituality in your life.

There is an oddball movie that I love because in some scenes it illustrates the constant communion and fellowship we can have with God. The movie, The Apostle, demonstrates, in some ways, everyday spirituality. There is a scene when the main character played by Robert Duvall is walking down the street. He really doesn’t know where he is going and he starts talking, out loud. to God. “Which way, Lord? Which way?” When he believe God has told him which way to go, he starts clapping and praising, out loud, “Yes, Lord! Thank You!” as he walks along the street. Now, we may find this wacky or eccentric but I believe this demonstrates the path to true everyday spirituality. We don’t have to talk out loud to God but we should remain in constant communion and communication with our Creator.

Each time I sit to work on this article, I say a silent prayer. As my fingers type each word I trust that there is a divine connection between my thoughts, inspiration from God, and the reader that will receive this message. How has God spoken to me through the composition of this article? How will God speak to you through your reading of this article?

Everyday spirituality leads us to incorporate the prayer and meditation we often feel we don’t have time for into our everyday routines. For example, walking as meditation, paying bills as an affirmation of prosperity, listening to a friend as prayer. Everyday spirituality is achieved through daily practice. It can be as simple as listening to an inspirational song on the radio; cooking a meal for an elderly neighbor; or it can be as complex as learning new Yoga pose.