Ignore the Vipers

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, be aware of a presence in this world that seeks to keep you from the truth about yourself and your distinct place in the universe. Satan. He knows his hold on GLBT people is maintained not by our lack of faith, but our fear of faith. When the preacher screamed loudly in your face about Sodom and Gomorrah, Satan was there smiling, gratified that another GLBT person had been turned from the light. Satan is more than happy to manipulate the Children of the Light against each other and the very world they are trying to save.

When those so called religious leaders came on TV that time talking about us, equating you with a child molester, pedophile or any other truly perverse and ugly thing they could imagine. Satan smiled that day, he didn’t need use many resources to show you the oppression and fear the church had in store for you. The demon has so poisoned the minds of many in the church against GLBT people in the guise of “telling the truth” about God’s obvious disgust with our “lifestyle.” One soon realizes the true deviants aren’t from a city long destroyed, but from a mentality of hate and hypocrisy so cherished by those who don’t know Jesus as well as they should. Satan has used irrational homophobia coupled with un-Christ like fear to totally isolate GLBT people from the glory of Christ. This sad, harrowing fact is only compounded by the fact that the Last Days are upon us when we all must be united in the Holy Spirit. The nightmare is fading away into glory, yet GLBT people will not share in this glory because modern day Pharisees have closed Heaven’s doors in their face.

Who are these vipers in the grass, dripping wet in the venom of malice? Who is it that would deny ANYONE the light of Christ for ANY reason? Who are these profiteers of pain, these silver-tounged charlatans offering plastic piety of the most synthetic nature? Who are these moral heroes who walk with Christ in the day speaking endlessly about virtue, yet when the night comes, their actions speak endlessly about hypocrisy. Who are these faulty cogs in Christ’s perfect machine? They are the pretenders, the “Good Christians” who follow Jesus who himself said only God is good.

Yes, these people are demi-gods of their own imagination, divine creatures so grand in scope they can judge everyone else, so small in knowledge and wisdom they fall prey to their own delusion. They are scholars of the word, yet retards in Love. They process the text, yet don’t see the concepts. They love to quote, but never quote in Love. They are like distraught children fighting in a sandbox, all trying to impress someone, each clinging to a spiritual milk bottle marked “Holier Than Thou.” Because of people such as these, an entire segment of the population will be lost to Satan, and most likely to their surprise, they themselves won’t be far behind. They should have preached about salvation instead of Sodom, piety instead of prejudice. They preached the wrong thing on The Castro, in The Village, across the Golden Gate, for in all the places they feared to go, they could only preach their own fear, not Christ’s love.

They told an abused people in a fallen world that they were less than dogs, incapable of being any more than abominations. They claimed to be speaking for Jesus, trying to “save them” for Jesus and yet the most glorious thing they did was terrorize them for Satan, for only Satan could turn the Good News bad or decent Christians into indecent thugs. Jesus is a great physician, yet God oversees the entire hospital. In this world of sinful sickness, we are all patients who fall ill on occasion. How could the babies of fear in the church call GLBT people sick when they themselves were burning up with a fever of hypocrisy? When did the patients give the diagnosis before the doctor? Stop judging. Even more stupefying is even the in the opinion of the fearful themselves they are condemned as ignorant, for if gays are so sick, wouldn’t these loving people want them to have the best doctor that is more skilled in healing than they are “sick”? The doctor on the cross died to heal us all of sins, yet GLBT people are so sick that they can’t see the doctor! Ludicrous.

Like all Satan’s plans, once the contradictions are exposed, the true motivations are revealed, and the depth of malevolence tested, his one and only true form is shown, he doesn’t have one, he is a liar without equal. Do not be tricked GLBT people, any Christian who doesn’t love you even if you disagree can’t have Christ Jesus in him. “You can’t see Dr. Jesus because faggots aren’t allowed,” they say. Who would tell you the doctor can’t see you unless you pay him first with your sexuality? Everyone knows Jesus runs a free clinic, all you need is faith to get a checkup. Why do we GLBT people even ask for or tolerate this treatment? We don’t have to nor should we. I have met some of the persecutors and they fail to realize cruelty, scorn, and disgust make for horrible arguments for any case. So what do we do as a group? I offer my mentality as an example, not that it is really worth that much to be offered. I only do so because I am so sad at the suffering of GLBT people in the and because of the church, I can stay silent no longer.

I will not yield to the Pharisee-like mentality of some in the church today. I will not allow their weaknesses to become my weaknesses. I will not allow their fear and homophobia keep me from my prize in Heaven, my glory in Jesus Christ. The Messiah lives. I live, for he lives in me as I live in him! I have been a homosexual as long as I can remember. Who but God himself could know or need know the details behind it? Call me a Sodomite, I will be the most loving Sodomite around. Call me a pervert, I will show you what is in this twisted matrix called my soul. I will show you my perverted view of Love, gay bash me and I will still love you. Spit on me and I will still pray for you in caring. Protest at the pride parade, I will bring you cakes and sandwiches to keep you comfortable. Scream from the pulpit about killing me for being gay. I will whisper back “I already died to this world, for Christ,” and I will love you even more. Still, I am a pervert right?

Let me continue the story of the perverted Sodomite. You throw stones at me day after day, from the pulpit, from the political roundtable, at the schoolyard, in the fun places and the sad ones, all day and everyday you throw stones. Good! This is glorious! I will respond in the only way I know how or want to know how, Jesus’ way. I will not curse you even though in your hearts you secretly curse me. What have I done to you? I love in a way you can’t comprehend and you disagree, so now you throw stones to harm me. Okay. I still love you. I am not perfect. It’s not as if I haven’t thrown my fair share of stones. Thank you for showing me how much it hurts so I will not do it again! I am bruised by your frightened mentality, not by scripture. I am saddened not by God’s supposed words against me, but by your lack of loving words for me. I cringe not at the destruction of Sodom, but at the destruction of Love in your hearts that comes from homophobia. I love you. Can you say it back to me? If not, who is really the pervert?

I will show you more about my diseased, faggot’s heart. I will show you my grimy interpretation of compassion, perverted Sodomite style. When four of you attack me I will sit with a smile and say nothing. I will have enough compassion not to bring down your Pharisee minded arguments in hate, but reply simply in Love. I am not your enemy in Hate, but your brother in Christ who is Love. Why would I want to imitate Satan in bitterness when I can imitate Christ in the sweetness of Love?

If I saw a fundamentalist on the side of the road in the middle of winter, shivering, my perverted heart would not allow me to keep going, I would help my brother in any way I could, what an evil Sodomite I am. If I saw every homophobic Christian in the world and they screamed “You are not welcome in the body of Christ” I would scream back “You are always welcome!” for all men have faults, but walking in compassion and love, faults are overlooked.

If you who call me a pervert and an abomination say so because of Leviticus, can I not counter by asking about your life? Didn’t Leviticus also say not to hate your brother in your heart, yet you hate me in your heart and actions too! I will show you my compassion that comes from the cesspool in Sodom. For as you pick every word and letter of the Old and New covenant to break me and destroy me, I will use those same words to comfort you, to show my endless love for you, but never to strike at you in hate or malice. Family doesn’t strike family, especially not the family of light.

As you attack me, I will defend you. As you conspire to bring me down, I will conspire to lift you up. As you scheme against me in hate, I will plan for you in love. As you throw daggers of Jewish law that you know you yourself cannot keep, I will raise a sanctified shield of Christ’s law that I myself keep, as it keeps me. Hate me more, so I can love you more. Let the contrast of your hate and my love be so apparent that all can see, like the sun gleaming against a backdrop of night. You are of Christ, how can you live in the night and use the day as a weapon at the same time?

How can a Sodomite like me have Christ-like feelings much less Love and compassion? Christ lives in you and me, why forget this by keeping fear and hate in memory? Not only am I a man, but I am a future citizen of Heaven bound for splendor. Why do you treat me like the eternal leper? Ah, you interpreted Sodom and Gomorrah to be a mandate against me, a blank check from God to beat me into nothingness. Sodom, an excuse for cutting me off from Jesus, another excuse for gay bashing as if you need anymore you haven’t already made up. Great! I will interpret Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to be mandates FOR you, a signed check from God for me so I can uplift you into your maximum Christ-like potential. I will interpret Acts to Jude as another check from the Mighty One, to be cashed in Love and spent on you, my brothers and sisters in Christ who so misunderstand me.

You say I am an immoral brother and should be expelled as Paul said, yet is immorality not chosen as opposed to compelled? A selected behavior as opposed to a unselected biology? Just as you choose to raise scripture against me with cruel or helpful intent, do you think I am foolish enough to choose not to listen either way? Of course I will hear you, my listening to you is how your arguments are so easily defeated, for everything you have interpreted or said implies choice when my love for me is not a choice, but a lifelong state of being. Your intent when you use the scriptures tells all of the story before you even speak, you fear and hate GLBT people all the while knowing both fear and hate come from the Devil. I will not retaliate against your deformed theology, your rhetoric from the pit. Instead I will show you the most flawless theology, Love. Anything else would be substandard to God and me.

The sad fact is that some are so deluded by anger, hate, and fear. Love can make no inroads. Misunderstanding matures into fear. Fear matures into hate. Another sad fact is that time is running out, Christ is coming back soon, sooner than we all think. I see the entire mass of GLBT people still truly haven’t seen Jesus and that tragedy must be reversed as quickly as possible. Expect little help from “Good Christian” people. They want and see Jesus only for themselves and us as deviants outside of the hope of salvation. I know of only one entity that would applaud this view, he is in the pit with his demonic allies.

Here is my verdict: We as GLBT Christians must ignore the vipers in the church today that try to keep us from our prize. The door to Heaven is open and all we need to do is call on Christ to save us. Ignore the people who assault our character and brutalize our way of life, whatever we are will be seen and judged by God and not by them. Never attack other Christians in hate, nor indulge them back with bitter retorts. Always press on with love and kindness.

Never allow Satan to manipulate you into thinking your brothers and sisters in Christ are enemies, for he is the only enemy you need be concerned with. Do not allow the weakness of any in the church to become your weaknesses too, especially bigotry and fear.

Ignore the vipers by paying attention to Love and Christ. If you do not ignore the vipers you may become like them. Let them bite at us, kick us, torment us. The Teacher of us all was treated the same and I consider it an honor to walk in his footsteps. Let them deny that Christ can live in us while quoting from the pedestal. we will show he lives in us by our righteous actions. Are you angry or enraged at the homophobes in the church, why do you even allow their weaknesses to affect you? Take off all your clothes and mentalities associated with the flesh nature, put on your new clothes and mentalities associated with Jesus. If you are mentally dressed in the light internally, it will shine externally. Throw off the philosophy of retaliation and put on the philosophy of reconciliation. In the end, Satan hates us all as God loves us all.

Ignore the vipers who threaten you with damnation for being the unique star God made you. As they try to dim you with fear and shame, illuminate even brighter in the essence given by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Do not use them as an excuse to become weaker in Christ, but use them as instruments to become more in Christ everyday or risk becoming a viper too. Do the vipers hold the keys to Heaven and Hell? Will they unlock either one for you? No GLBT people, they can’t do either. Fear only the one who can do both, God. Walk with him and Christ. Let the vipers walk with their “father.”

Not all Christians who speak negatively against us are vipers, if you meet a nice Christian who simply disagrees with who you are or doesn’t understand, explain to him or her with the utmost kindness. Even friends can be ignorant, but only vipers are both ignorant and hateful. Ignorance is human, but hate is satanic. The Devil would want us GLBT people to believe all Christians are vipers so we would become isolated even more from the body, continually seek straight Christian friends who will love you even though they don’t really understand you. Do not allow another persons ignorance to make you bitter or hateful, they will be better off in the end because being ignorant in general is better than being ignorant to gentleness, love and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

I say again, ignore the vipers! Do not retaliate to homophobia, do not react to ignorance, do not quarrel with the know-it-alls, for retaliation is as hostile as homophobia, reaction is as empty as air, quarrel as productive as laziness. You, GLBT Christian, are filled with love that will never retaliate because love will never hurt as much as hate will never heal. You, GLBT Christian, are filled with boldness that will never be reactionary in fear, for fear is reactionary to circumstances while boldness through Jesus takes action to better circumstances. You GLBT Christian are filled with a peace so holy, quarrel will not enter your mind. A peaceful mind is a refuge from the quarrel of the argumentative. If anyone wishes to argue, leave. Do not retort, reply, or in any way give the impression you are interested at all. Your peace is worth more than their theory, worth more than speculation. Discussion produces enlightenment and is never bitter, angry or abusive while argument produces bitterness, anger and abuse and is never enlightening. Why even bother arguing about anything, much less the obvious nature of our own sexuality?

We GLBT Christians are unique creatures in the cosmos. Human but treated like dogs. Loving yet treated only with hate. Sanctified by Christ but seen as Satan himself. Scorned but never bitter, attacked by cowards but never so cowardly in Christ as to attack, feared by the fearful but never afraid ourselves, we are the constant but always in Christ Jesus. GLBT Christians are battered by the church yet we will prevail without scars because Jesus can’t beat himself, for as he is in the church he is in us all as well. We are battered by the politician, yet we know them and this world are irrelevant in the sight of Heaven. Concern yourself with Heavenly politics by always making sure your election in Christ Jesus assured.

Ignore the vipers by paying attention to Jesus, one day they might learn the truth of Jesus more completely and become saints worthy of attention. We GLBT Christians are more than we think in Christ Jesus. We are the noble exiles seen only as rabble, the eternal pariahs of men yet always welcomed by God. We are timeless examples of being beaten down only to rise again still. We are more than we think and have more than we think, we the intensely hated who have been forced to be scholars of compassion and geniuses of Love.

Ignore the vipers! We GLBT Christians must never be poisoned by their sting, else we fall as they have fallen. Never hate anyone or you might forget how you were hated. Never look down on anyone, you might forget how hard the people who looked down on you made it to look up to God. Never have anything bitter to say about anyone, you might forget how many bitter things were said to you. Never use the Bible to hurt anyone or with mean, warlike intent, you might forget how much the same attacks hurt you.

Most of all, never be complacent with yourself and your salvation, you might forget that is how the vipers became vipers and are able to bite at your sins because they lost touch with their own sins. Secondly, never let your love grow cold, you GLBT Christians live constantly through attacks of those lacking Love, shivering in the cold of their wintertime mentalities. Why hurt others the same way? Don’t live in wintertime palaces of bitterness, rage and hate, but build a summertime stronghold of Love in Jesus so maybe others will build summertime strongholds in Jesus’ love too. In a world of two seasons, pick the greater and never take the lesser.

Remember, serpents live in the winter, Kings reign in the summer.