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Coming Out As, And For, Love

This is a transcript of a sermon I delivered at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia, SC. The audio (which begins with a song I wrote called “One Breath,” sung with my spouse, Beth DeHart) is included and a link to the video is below.

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Coming-Out-to-Shawnee Syndrome

As most of us know, coming out of the closet is not a single event, but a process. Sometimes it can be a very lengthy one. We may hem and haw, dreading taking that crucial step with people whose good opinion matters to us. They

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Buckets and Closets

What an interesting way to begin writing about my gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual Christian people. How can I being to think in those terms about myself and my friends? When I can imagine a bucket I see a container that I use to delve

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A Journey Toward Becoming Family

The movie Touch of Pink illustrates my journey towards becoming family. The main character, Alim, a young gay man of Indian decent living in London, has an ongoing imaginary friendship with the actor Cary Grant. He tells Cary Grant any personal difficulty he is experiencing

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Imagine the Possibilities

Talk given to a PFLAG group in Montana on October 11, 2006 Hi, my name is Becky Taylor and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here and I’m excited to share something that means a lot to me – first I should probably

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Know Your Enemy

Read the rest of the series Now you may think that you are alone in the world, but you are not. There are thousands of Christians all over the world who are gay and have or are facing the exact same thing you are facing.

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Where’s Momma?!

As I begin this essay, on the evening of Mother’s Day, I have a very pertinent question: “Is Momma in the house?” The American Right is now in the process of imploding upon itself. How can we know, for certain, that it is about to

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Redemption from the Remnant

I just finished reading some reviews from Exodus International. For those who do not know, this organization is the largest ex-gay ministry on earth and claims to have a wonderful success rate. The truth is that many neutral scientific organizations from small ones, to huge

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Speaking Silence, Who Cares?

If I have chosen to air some silences in the church’’s closet, it is to create room for open dialogue on Christian normalisations and how these normalisations disempower particular groups of Christians. I intimate that silence is the act in which particular members of the