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Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

The Original Offering

What Christianity offers to all is the availability to share in the life of Christ. God already lives within us. I find that God is in all of us but many do not acknowledge that presence. What God wants from us is the invitation and

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Leaving Exodus: Darlene Bogle’s Story

Listen to the podcast interview Words are strange. In the Bible, the Exodus refers to coming out of the desert experience, and leaving the years of bondage to Pharaoh. It was coming into the promised land. Exodus International has taken the name and the image

Tattooed Asian woman sitting in a box

Out of the Closet and Into a Box

For someone as touchy about being confined to cramped quarters as I am, coming out of the closet and telling my husband that I am a bisexual last year seemed like it would be a pretty freeing experience. So it was, for about five minutes.

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

There Are No Coincidences

There is a real tendency, in some modern religious circles, to discount the existence of miracles. They don’t happen every day, we are told, therefore they can never happen. Some people say this ignores the logic behind a belief in miracles. That if they happened

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Requisition Your Supplies

Read the rest of the series The next step in survival is to gather your equipment. Later on in other chapters we will talk about some of the non-conventional weapons that God uses to fight this war, but make no mistake about it this is

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Messy Marvins

Having ushered, for many years, in my Catholic parish and now at my Lutheran church, I have an observation educated by experience. Catholics are way messier than Lutherans. To put it in kindergarten-simple terms, Lutherans seem to be better than Catholics at picking up after

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

My Dirty Little Former Secret

Dear Christianity Today: I read My Dirty Little Former Secret by Dennis Belkofer. And I want to challenge Christianity Today to publish my story or someone’s like mine in addition to this story. My story goes something like this: Both sets of my grandparents were

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Check Your Heart

Read the rest of the series Okay, so you’ve decided to become a Christian. You’ve felt the tug on your heart and you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross and rose again in three days. It’s the