Letters to the Editor


In looking online for information about living in the present moment, I came across your article, Only the Present Moment is Real. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I am going to quote you this Sunday in my sermon. I love your honesty and transparency. Love the authors you read – I am reading many of them, too.

I was not familiar with whosoever.org or the Garden of Grace Church – joyful online discoveries today.

Thank you. Bless you.

Andy Cullen, Interim Pastor, Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church



The words on this site have brought some peace to me. I came to terms with being gay at 12, during that time I was deeply religious and my church played a vital role in my life. In my church being gay was frowned upon quite a bit, and I thought something must be wrong with me, why would God do this? Does he hate me? I remember one day, I overheard a preacher at my church speaking about a gay parade in the news, he expressed great disgust, and I began to cry. After that I broke off ties with my church, and God, I thought I was condemned, and I wanted at least to be happy during my life, instead of living a lie.

But as I got older, I started realizing that what those people said was not a bit true, gay was not my choice, I had always been gay, and always would be. So many people say “you don’t have to be gay, it’s a choice,” or “you have to get help,” as if I can just become straight magically.

I hope one day God will show these people the error of their ways, God made me, and God does not make mistakes. Thank you for making this site, as a 17-year-old lesbian in a conservative area, I deal a lot with hateful remarks. I wish more people would realize what we already know.

Peace and Love – God bless.




I’m an atheist, but am very interested in learning about religion. I don’t seek to become religious, just learn about it. I have enjoyed what I read here. Very well researched.




At this time, I am struggling with who I am and what I believe. My mind is messed up by the ex-gay theology and the anti-homosexual churches that it has made it hard for me to really examine myself. After 20 years of truly hiding, I want to come out and be true to myself. I am alone in this process. I will be visiting your site to see if I can get resources to help me along in this journey.




I have accepted and begun to discern my vocation, so I have discovered hard places in my heart and judgments I didn’t even know I held, and I have been ashamed to discover that I had been judging gay and lesbian Christians as though they were self-satisfied or deluded – or in fact different in any way from myself – when we are all weak in flesh, poor in spirit, and called by Christ.

I praise God for the fact that he has given me a heart of flesh to replace my heart of stone, and that my spirit is now free of another judgment I didn’t know I’d made (many more still lurking though I fear). And thank God for the humility which he has left with me, a sinner, to take forward into ministry.

May God bless your service and obedience, and be merciful to us all.

Yours in Christ, Jemma



I really appreciated the wonderful information regarding the scriptures and homosexuality — I hear those quoted (out of context) frequently, and I cringe every time. I am so glad to have such good, solid information in my pocket. It may not do that much good, but at least I will be able to use this information to shut down some of these conversations!

Thank you for such an informative site. I enjoyed my visit!

Sincerely, Jennifer