Letters to the Editor


I just discovered the Whosoever podcasts. Wonderful! I love the magazine. I enjoy your blog and sermons, and now there is a podcast! It looks like you are doing one every month? Whatever the timing I hope you continue; I hope the Spirit continues to lead thee.

I loved the interview with Philip Gulley and James Muholland (in podcasts #2 and #3). I’m a Quaker and read their first book (If God is Love)(I’ve also read the first Harmony book). Thanks so much for promoting them as well as allowing those of us who are GLBT to know that these ministers are also gay supportive.

There are a few podcasts that have a specific religious/spiritual focus such as Gay Christian Radio. My podcast also includes those elements from a Quaker perspective although I don’t only focus on religion and spiritualty.

I hope you continue with more shows. Hallelujah! 🙂

Best, Joe Guada



Thanks for the wonderful website! I just discovered it today and I’m sure it will serve as a great relief. I recently met what I believe to be my soulmate who happens to be a woman. Like you, my father is a minister and I struggle daily with my walk with God, and acceptance of myself and my new relationship. Now I’m confident I’m on the right path. Thanks again!




Thank you. I have known this for years and haven’t been able to put it in words. I am heterosexual, now widowed, married to a “in the closet” gay man. The marriage was a nightmare because he didn’t want this marriage and I didn’t know why.

What hurt we cause everyone because we will not accept people for who God made them. Bravo and thank you.

Full of peace and joy and happy in Christ.

Love, Loraine



I have been searching for exactly this resource since I was a teenager turned away from the church. I have always believed that my God would never turn His back on me, and your site is such a blessing.

You see, I was molested by my teacher from the time I was ten until 14 years old. I had always liked boys and girls, but in those days, there was no such word as “bisexual”. So off I go to church for support, thinking I must be gay and am told to turn from this evil thought lest I rot in hell. I was very shocked, and turned from the church, but not God.

My older teen years were hellish, including some drug use and suicidal tendencies. I am now 41, married to a wonderful woman and have two teenagers of my own. My wife has known I am bi since we were teenagers and I am so blessed to have married my best friend.

I am now a volunteer with a queer youth organization and since we live in a very “religious” community, you can only imagine the pain these kids feel in our town, especially those that try to reconcile their sexuality with their faith. Thank God for you!!!!




I feel that love has brought me to your sight. Love your thoughts. My wife and I have some dear friends that pastor an MCC in Texas. When I was just now reading your thoughts on being straight, gay, or whatever, it may me feel like God was speaking to me through your website. Interesting. I am straight but have strong empathy for anyone who is persecuted. You have a nice, safe place for anyone to go and visit. Thanks for that. God bless you and your ministry.

Sincerely, David