Letters to the Editor


I have been viewing Whosoever for a couple of months now. I was so delighted to find a supportive website for Lesbian Christians.

I just read your article “The Courage to Welcome” what a strong and courageous support. The article brought back memories for me.

Thanks for sharing and allowing me to enjoy a Web site where I can feel comfortable and peaceful with myself and my love for my God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Peace to you, Darlene



I am a middle-aged, heterosexual woman writing to tell you how much I agree with the letter of love written to Fred Phelps. The God I know is a loving, forgiving God. I am praying that Fred Phelps and his followers find a loving relationship with God and His Son. This letter said that beautifully.




I appreciated Grace Jannsen’s article on God’s Timing. I am working on a message on that topic.

I am a pastor. I am also a theological conservative (moderate) who believes that homosexuality is a sin, though not a sin worse than other sins. Sorry, but that’s what I believe. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find an article on your Web site that was so full of biblical insight. I copied several quotes from Ms. Jannsen’s article.

Thank you.

Respectfully, Ben Williams

Editor Candace Chellew responds:


I’m glad you found Grace’s article helpful for your sermon. Please don’t apologize for your feelings on homosexuality. It’s perfectly fine that we disagree on this subject. We can do so in God’s love and grace, can we not?

Our magazine is full of biblical insight and I hope you’ll take the time to explore it further. Even though we disagree on this issue, we are all still God’s beloved children, inspired to write spiritual truths for the edification of our brothers and sisters.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come back and read further into our material!

Blessings, Candace Chellew, Editor



This essay by Royce Buehler (An Analysis of Six Critical Texts Used To Condemn Homosexuality) gives me both hope, a warmer sense of love from the church, and a tool to counteract the opposition from the ignorance of homophobic persons who would attempt to “cure” me.

Thank you, Daibhaid



Thank you so much for this “Word” (Rev. Vera Bourne’s “The Power of Prayer: God at the Coalface“). I can’t explain the peace I felt in reading it. I spoke to me right where I am today!

I have been in the midst of a long dark night but I know that I am at the brink of my breakthrough. Never to go back again. God’s love for us so awesome! Then He shows up again in articles like this one just when we need it.

I found this article/webpage strictly by accident. Of course we know that in the life of the believer, there is no such thing. Our precious heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, when we need it. This was a divine appointment for me as I only this morning, had to make what seemed a difficult decision after early morning prayer. This Word gives me the reassurance that God is in control and truly, His grace is sufficient.

May God forever bless and keep you.

Your Sister In Christ, Caroline