Letters to the Editor


Bill from Tampa here. Thanks for including your interview with Philip Yancey. I’m really, really impressed with both Whosoever and Yancey for doing this. It reminds me of some work by the Campolos too. I think efforts at dialogue like this are crucial to healing wounds and restoring communication in the Body of Christ. God bless your efforts.




I just finished reading your article about Philip Yancey. I’ve been a fan of his for years and knowing that he is comfortable being interviewed by Whosoever does my heart a world of good! Thanks for (finally, LOL) listening to his tapes and taking the time to interview this great writer/speaker/seeker!

Love in Christ, Karla



Thanks for the interview with Philip Yancey. Isn’t he just the nicest guy? I interviewed him for the Amarillo (Texas) Globe-News when “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” was published. To say the Globe-News is a conservative paper in a conservative area is putting it mildly. Yancey’s interview blew the doors off of the evangelical/fundamentalist status quo around here. I think he changed minds and maybe a few hearts. I consider that interview to be one of my most “political” because it was so charged with inclusiveness and love yet impossible to disagree with.

I loved talking to him – and I had the same feelings you did – that it was so cool of him to consent to talk with a AAA-circulation paper in the Texas panhandle. He’s a class act.

I buy “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” for people who have problems with sexuality/Christianity or just the fact that I’m a Christian lesbian. Because of Yancey’s evangelical cred, they’re more willing to listen to the message. (By the way, the book has been re-imagined by some awesome graphic artists that really hits you with grace two-by-fours like showing a reflective mirror on one page and contrasting it with a picture of Timothy McVeigh. It’s fantastic, I totally recommend it to you).

Thanks again, Shanna Foust-Peeples, Amarillo, Texas



Just wanted to say thank you for you site. I am a member of United Church of Christ here in Denver and have been “out” for many years. I was recently approached by a neighbor and he asked me if I could supply him with information that proves (heheh) that homosexuality is not wrong in terms of the Bible/GOD. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve had to think about that as I have surrounded myself with an educated/loving Christian community for all those years. I was at a complete loss and then thought, “The Internet.” WOO HOO! And guess whose site came up first – yours did.

Anyway, love the site/your opinions and the positive and loving nature of what you are doing. Thank you so much!!

Sincerely, Bradley



I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time energy to give life to Whosoever. I only discovered it recently, but it is a necessary treasure.

Sincerely, Emily