Letters to the Editor


I just want you to know how much I eagerly await each issue and how much the site helps to nourish my soul.




While doing some research on the Internet, I came across your site. While I am not homosexual, I was raised in the Christian church, and just wanted to voice my support for your cause. I recently was confronted with my extended family’s prejudices, fears, and judgements surrounding homosexuality and their “Christian” justifications for living with hateful intolerance of gays and lesbians.

I send all my love to you, and support your site.




I found your website very interesting. I wonder who wrote the article on Romans 1:26? I ask this because there is another argument that is not presented which I’d like to see.

Origen quote this passage but does not in fact quote the addendum “men giving up their natural desire for women and lusting after each other…”, etc. Instead he just leaves off his quote at “exchanging their natural desire for unnatural.”

I think it’s a very important argument as it goes toward the possibility of showing that the addendum might be a scribal addition.

It is at least an argument worth presenting.

Thank you, Will



I want to write, simply because, well, let me tell you, it is my birthday today, and I am happy. I’m not gay, but I did a Google search on Gay and Christian, and I came across your site. I’m a Baptist, and I know God loves all people, and I know Jesus died for our sins. Even though I’m not gay, I am a Christian in construction, just like you, and I am happy that there is a place for gay people to go to.

Do you believe that a person needs to accept Jesus as their Saviour to go to heaven? I believe that the only thing that will keep a person out of heaven is rejecting Christ, so whatever you believe, if you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour, you are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am looking for a place where I can direct my gay friends, a place where they will feel welcome and be able to know the love of Christ. That is the MOST important thing.

I love Jesus. He is the absolute greatest person I have met in my life, He took me, a satanist, and gave me new life, I was so wicked, I would have been the chief of sinners had not Paul taken that title himself.

God bless you, and I hope to see you in heaven my sister!

Your friend, Dan



I am a seventeen year old Christian and also a homosexual. I was reading a piece out of your second issue about the book of Leviticus and what is said about homosexuality. It was a good break down of the scripture and a good overall message.

One thing I thought that the writer should have added though was the fact that God sent Jesus Christ to complete the law because no one on earth could full fill it. So the only way we could go to heaven was for God to send his son to complete the law. So, basically Because Jesus died and the law is now out of the picture. The only exception would be for Jewish people because they don’t believe that Jesus was God’s son. But that is a completely different story.

Anyway, the other reason I wanted to email you was to say that I really appreciate your magazine. I wish I would have found it when I was searching for the answers a few years ago. I struggled so much with this issue and if I would have known that this magazine was here, it would have made a huge difference. So thank you for everything that you are doing and may God Bless you!