Letters to the Editor


This topic was such a tremendous blessing (Who Do You Say That I Am? Jan/Feb 2002). You made so many points through the Word of God and allowed Him to reveal to you great revelation. Keep on allowing God to move in you and through you to even touch someone like me. May the Lord continue to bless you in all your endeavors.




I just read this article (What’s a Poor Gay Christian to Do? Sept/Oct 2002) and for me, it rings true from start to finish! Do these fundamentalists not realize that being gay is NOT a choice? (Obviously not). They seem to only feel comfortable with a god they can put into a box and has been given all the human frailties to justify their own: their pettiness, their small-mindedness, their judgmental attitude, and their self-righteousness smugness. Truly, they are the spiritual descendants of the scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ time.

It’s TOO BAD that closed minds don’t come with closed mouths! But, as Jesus has said, “They have their reward”. The more I read about fundamentalists, the more I dislike the entire movement. I wish they would WAKE UP and “smell what they’re shoveling”!

I’ll just end with this: BRAVO on an excellent and insightful article!!!

John W.



I just wanted to say that I really appreciate some of the articles I have read on this site. They have helped me to reassure myself of my salvation through Christ despite my sexual orientation.




I have been an avid reader of Candace’s blog on Religion Dispatches, and I just looked at this site for the first time today. I’m a MSW student at the University of KY, and have several GLBT friends. I never know how to discuss religion and to be honest I haven’t found the right words to express my thoughts or formed a solid opinion yet. I think this site is awesome and can be a great resource for so many who feel confused and hurt by traditional Christian beliefs. Keep up the good work!




I liked how (Whosoever) was honest and polite and never returned insult for insult. I appreciated the insight into the perspective of GLBT Christians. It has certainly expanded my thinking considerably. Not to say that I was anti-homosexual before, but this helped me to really understand how these issues look to the people who are really affected by them.