Letters to the Editor


I just wanted to tell you all that I have loved your site for about two years now! As a gay Christian, I find firsthand how heartbreaking it is when we are (either directly, or indirectly — which, to me, hurts worse) excluded because of sexual orientation.

And I have found strength in your Web site. Although I fall into sin on a regular basis (I’m not proud of it, but I know I do), God has always brought me back, which makes me KNOW that God *loves* us AND *likes* us AND *wants* us just as much as our straight counterparts.

I just want to write this as a short encouragement to keep up the great work, and YOU ARE MAKING A WONDERFUL DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF GOD’S CHILDREN!!!! May God bless you and your site for Eternity.

Rob Ballard

PS: Your response to critics really encouraged me today to put things into perspective and get away from a “poor me” attitude — we’ve got work to do, and we must not stop because others try to damage our mission!!!



For years I grew up in the church being told that I was a sinner that my sexuality was from the devil . I was brainwashed beyond belief into believing that I was evil. For years I suffered for my sexuality. I pretended to be happy. I even got married to a man but eventually I stood my ground after 4 affairs and suicide attempts. I said enough is enough and I stood up for me. I came out of the rock they had all put me under and even though I lost my friends I never lost my family. It was hard at first but I stood my ground and came out free. I encourage anyone who needs answers to your questions you won’t find them in a book or from a preacher. The answers are already inside you , you have to search within yourself and hold onto Gods strength and you will be free.

Debra Millard

Newcastle Australia



Thank you for your efforts to create and run your Web site. I discovered it this morning, and though I have not had a chance to research it, and read much from it, the very idea is encouraging. I am working through my own spirituality (as Paul directed us, with fear and trembling) as a gay man right now, and happily consider myself both Christian and gay. It’s good to find other people who can do the same. Most gay men I know feel so abused by religion, they don’t come across others who are willing to share the goodness it can hold.

I also find it encouraging to hear about the success of ORU-OUT at a recent homecoming. I read the article at Gay.com because my parents met while attending ORU and I grew up living in Tulsa. Although they did not encourage me to attend the college for educational reasons, they still have considerable ties to the university. Apparently, the gay organization has ties through you? I will have to inspect your Web Site for more information.

As I said, I need more time to discover your Web Site, but my initial reaction was thankfulness that it exists. I understand you receive many letters full of hatred, and I hope you will find this encouraging instead. I am awfully excited about this opportunity!


Editor Candace Chellew responds:

ORU-OUT does not have any ties with Whosoever. We did, however, do an article on their organization recently. Read it at Oral Roberts University Alumni Come Out of the Closet.


Candace Chellew




I wanted to write to let you know that I was moved by your explanation of grace. [Got Grace?] I find it so encouraging to read such an encouraging article that highlights the basis on which we are accepted by God.

You’re right, we are not saved by anything we do or anything we are or are not. It is so humbling to be reminded that it is all of God.

Once again thank you very much.


David Watkins



Blessings and grace. I am not sure how I even found your site — I think I punched in “learning to fly” because I was thinking on the concept expressed to a friend of mine last evening, “if it were not for this flesh package I am encumbered with” I would float more than not.

I am a writer — spiritual genre, personal adventure tales, life led by the “touch of G-d” pieces. Recently I have been blessed with the beauty of a gay man’s spirit in my life as a “spiritual friend.” He is quite the enigma to me. I am genderless but am faithful as a woman to seeking “s-xuality through male companionship.”

He is strongly Christian and lives by a strong traditional code of ethics. His ethics are higher than most “non-gay Christians.” I admire this in him.

He believes he is alone in his search for a male counterpart. He is a pious Christian and also admitted gay.

I will point him in the direction of this Web site.

I think “true intimacy of any sort that breeds good in mankind” is of G-d.


Anah Childes



Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for doing what you’re doing. I know that I don’t need to tell you what it means to find out that Jesus really does love me too, created me the way I am and loves me even though I’m gay (which is still hard to type, let alone say!)

I used to be very involved in the church- traveled round the country doing youth work/ evangelism, etc. I ended up leaving God and getting very caught up/trapped in the drug scene. After a lot of work and support I got clean and started doing very well with my career (I’m a musician) but there was that old head-mincer homosexuality just waiting for me. I can’t tell you what it means to me to hear the truth.

Thank you again, thank you so very, very much.




This site was recommended to me by a couple of women on the egroups for lesbian Christians. I have a lot of questions, and they felt both your site and Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse would help me to understand. I feel a level of persecution from my Christian friends at my church, because they know I am in a relationship with a woman – her name is Kelly and I love her very much, and would feel very blessed to be with her the rest of my life.

Your site has helped me to understand some things – I am going to keep searching and reading, until I have all the answers. Your site and Dr. Truluck’s site have encouraged me tremendously to follow my heart, and to go back to Seminary – where I was until about a year ago – problem with my Mother’s health – not do to being involved with a woman. My Mother died last March, and I drifted away from the Lord after she died. So, now I am trying to get my relationship with the Lord back, and to understand myself at the same time.