Letters to the Editor

Editor: I’m still unsure that I like having TS/TG included even though many of the issues we face are the same. For years there has been a great deal of confusion between sexual orientation and gender identity to the harm of TS/TG’s. For instance, at one time a M2f TS who identified as lesbian would be summarily denied surgery. This is not the case today, but it shows how the confusion can be detrimental. Many people assume that M2F’s will be “homosexually” attracted to gay males exclusively. But that’s just a pet peeve of mine. Over all nice job. — Terri M.

Editor: I am VERY happy that there is something on the internet that has class and can be respected. It is very important to let young people know that being gay can and is a beautiful gift from God. James L.

Editor: Whosoever has given me hope that the Church may have turned its back… but maybe God didn’t afterall? Robyn T.

Editor: I truely believe that we are one in Christ and I appauld your efforts to reaffirm Your Love in Christ. I support your ministry though prayers. God Bless. Deanna M.

Editor: God does not except sodomy in His perfect, pure, and righteous kingdom!! May God reveal His true will to your hearts, God bless! Daniel K.

Editor: A positive, loving, open and clearly Christian forum such as this is crucial for such a fundamental issue. I think that establishing this forum took a great deal of faith and courage. I believe God will honor and bless such a venture. Bob D.

Editor: I like the idea of one central site where I can find issues discussed with a point of view that I can relate to. I am still exploring – but – glad to find you and glad you are here! Frank H.

Editor: I only wish I had had a resource like this twenty-five years ago. It might have saved me a load of grief. Wendell B.

Editor: PLEASE STOP THESE LIES. I Do believe that Homosexuals should be treated as people equally, but I also believe you are wrong. Jennifer

Editor: I loved the open honesty of this magazine and what they stand for. Let me say that we all need to join forces and lift up our hands together to make the homophobia go away and that no matter the color, no matter the gender, no matter the job, no matter who you are married to, and no matter who you are committed to, that God loves you and wants you to be saved. And that everyone has the right and priviledge to be loved not only by our fellow man but by Almighty God. God hates those that hate and those that are prejudice. The Bible says that God is not a respector of persons and neither are we–we who are truly Christians. Tom

Editor: I just wanted to say what a huge help this web site and all of its resources have been for me. I am struggling right now with many of the discussed topics, and I found a great deal of comfort. I am a devout Christian and lately I have recently admitted to myself that I am gay. I am so glad to find something like this organization which acted as a sort of counselor to me. Thank you. Amir Z.

Editor: I like your honesty, your willingness to ascend to the core of the debate/issue that clearly needs to be addressed. And that you cover the good side with the bad. Phred W.

Editor: I love everything about [Whosoever] .. all the answers I have been searching for were here in the Nov/Dec issue! Ohh, I praise God that you put this here, it was e-mailed to me by some young woman I wrote, I was near suicide when I though I was going to go to hell, for my love for women, it nearly killed me, and I was so confused and sad and now I can praise my God!! Without feeling guilty when I step into a church … this online mag could save lives, because the pressure of people telling you you can’t go to heaven because you are gay makes a person scared and depressed. I know I was .. so God bless you all!!!!! Dawn