Lonely Reflection

A faint reflection mirrors water so blue
Teardrops cause a ripple debut
Undiscovered, unloved, undone
A bleeding heart compelled to run

Loneliness and disappointment grip the soul
Shattered dreams have taken their toll
People pass by, unaware of the scene
Maybe too busy living out their dream

Reflection disappears as she gazes at the sky
She whispers to her God, can You tell me why
In Your Kingdom where love is supposed to prevail
Loneliness and hopelessness have left me so frail

Is it me? Haven’t I tried hard enough?
I know I’m not grand and don’t have fancy stuff
But I’m asking You, God, for one thing today
That You send a genuine friend my way

Someone to love and share life with me
That will overlook my flaws and with Your eyes see
Your precious daughter, beautiful indeed
Born in Your Image, the imperishable Seed