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Growing in God When Facing Judgment

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” – Matthew 7:1 If you’ve spend a good deal of time in Christian circles, it stands a good chance you’ve encountered judgmental people. You know the type. Those who take some sort of pleasure in

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Lonely Reflection

A faint reflection mirrors water so blue Teardrops cause a ripple debut Undiscovered, unloved, undone A bleeding heart compelled to run Loneliness and disappointment grip the soul Shattered dreams have taken their toll People pass by, unaware of the scene Maybe too busy living out

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Where is Your God?

It is a shame that gays and lesbians are questioned often the authenticity of their relationship with God. Many are rejected by their family and friends and are not welcomed into “Church” because many Christians do not believe one can be gay and “Christian”. I

African American woman is sitting and contemplating something

Why Can’t I Be Me?

She stares off into space, disappointment marks her face Her spirit weakens as she stares at an empty bottle of grace She’s grown weary in spirit pretending all these years Hiding in the shadows, paralyzed by her fears She feels the weight of untamed forces,