My Hope

I am a Christian and my life is eternally connected to God. He is my life and the hope of my salvation. I want to be just like Jesus. I want to do everything He did. My hope is built in nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.

I am right in Him. When God looks at me He sees Jesus. Thank God for the blood!

Why should I be concerned with what people think? Why would I want to be accepted by people when the great God of the universe has accepted me? I am His and His opinion of me is more important than what anyone else thinks.

I want to be just like Jesus. People say I am different. God says I am accepted in the beloved. Who will I listen to?

I will listen to God. I have put my hope in Him. I do not belong to this world. I have to live in it but I am not a part of it.

Who do you belong to? Are you still trying to fit into the world or have you accepted that you are different in Christ?

I want to be just like Jesus. I want to raise the dead, heal the sick and in general give my life to seeing people set free. I resent it when people try to put me into a box. I will not be identified by who I am in this world.

There are a lot of things in this life that are not fair. I have a choice. I can either try to rectify the injustices or I can be like Jesus and do the works of God in spite of the unfairness. It was not fair when Jesus died on the cross. He was God but He died on the cross as a common criminal. He was never accepted by the church. They were jealous because He operated in authority. They did not accept Him so why would we expect to be accepted by our own local churches?

Jesus said that a tree is known by the fruit it produces. I want to produce fruit that will glorify God. How do I do that? I do it by giving myself completely to God. I want to be like Jesus and do only those things that I see the Father do. I want to see people healed, delivered and set free. I want to walk on this earth as an ambassador of Christ, helping others to find the same liberty I have in Him.

This is my hope and the rock of my salvation. I belong to God. The Holy Spirit is well able to keep me from falling and present me faultless before God. I will not argue about scripture. I will not try to justify myself in the sight of the world. I compare myself with no one but Jesus. I keep my eyes on Him and I press onward to the hope of my calling in Christ Jesus.

My mission is not to make people feel better about themselves but rather to point them toward God. Knowing God is more important than being accepted by the world or even other Christians. Jesus spent time with His Father every day. Do you?

What I think about things doesn’t matter. I am born of God. He is my Father. I look to Him for all I need. I do not judge myself but I leave that to Him.

I will do what God tells me to do regardless of how I feel about it. Jesus didn’t want to die. He pleaded with God in the garden but was still submissive to His Father.

When Jesus walked on this earth He was rejected and persecuted for who He was. He understood what it meant to be persecuted. The church said Jesus was of the devil. They said He was a sinner. Yet He healed and forgave everyone He came in contact with despite what others said. He proved Himself to be the Son of God by what He did.

It would have been easy for Him to get caught up trying to justify Himself before His peers. He could have argued and even produced scripture to back up what He was saying. But He didn’t.

Jesus put His hope in God. It didn’t matter to Him that He was not accepted by the church community. He put His trust in who He was and not what He did. He was not accepted by the mainstream church but He did Gods will and was accepted by God.

My hope is in being accepted by God. I may not know it all or do things right all the time but I am accepted by God because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I have begun a journey that will take me to another world, another country.

It is time for those of us who profess Jesus to stop trying to be accepted by the world and simply start being like Jesus.

People looked at Him and said, “you don’t do things the way we do”. They saw Him going home with tax collectors and being touched by prostitutes. They saw John lying on His breast and calling himself the disciple that Jesus loved.

But they also saw miracles. They saw the dead raised, multiplication of food and water turned into wine. We can be just like Jesus if we give ourselves completely to God. Jesus put His hope in God. We must put our hope in Jesus and the work He did.

If I put my hope in Jesus, who can condemn me? It is God who justifies me. The world has nothing I want. I didn’t fit in before I got saved and I fit in even less now. I do not care.

God accepts me and that is all that matters to me. He is my God and the joy of my salvation. I put my hope in Him.