One Little Drop

I am but one little globe amongst billions of stars, one sun, one moon,

one life amongst billions of lives, and yet, just a miniscule spec

of dust floating with billions upon the currents of wind which thrash me

to a fro, finally leaving me to settle beneath mud and ash, where the

darkness reigns supreme.

I am nothing more than an insect, preyed upon by carnivors, cannibals

who feast themselves upon my feelings and emotions, my flesh, my soul,

filling their bellies with delight, and taking pleasure in their forboding

lack of love, compassion, while my remnants slowly digest within the hidden

confines of their bowls.

I am feared by them though I know not why, chastized, ridiculed,

tormented, lashed and nailed to a cross, crucified for my convictions,

for being different, for not conforming to their notions of who I should be,

but who do they think they are, to be so bold as to take my life into

the palms of their hands, to mercilessly squeeze it with all their might,

depriving me of those things which they themselves demand, while they

sit back in the comfort of their own little worlds, gloating in their

rightousness, judging and condemning me though they know not who I am?

I am nothing more, than one drop of water in a bucket to them, take me

hither and cast me to the wind, and my one, little drop, shall be missed

but for that istant from the pool, only to be filled by another, little drop.

I am denied my livelihood, my contentment, my happiness…

All because I am different…

And because I am only…

One Life, One Soul, One Little Drop.

© February 16, 1999