Rooted in Prayer

Without roots to grow, a plant will die. Without prayer (communication with God), a Christian begins to wither and grows distant from his/her faith. Eventually the faith dies and the Christian, while perhaps thinking that he/she is a good Christian, has really died too. Communication with God is essential for a Christian and with prayer, we establish a line of communication to our Creator; a Creator who loves us unconditionally and who wants to hear our prayers, our problems, our wishes, and our thanks.

For almost 15 years I had lost my faith in my church and in God because I believed that both hated homosexuals and that I was going to hell. That is what I was led to believe. I never lost my Christian values or morals and I’ve lived a good life, but I thought why should I go to church and listen to the rhetoric and why should I pray to God if He hates me anyway because I am gay. Then last year I met a gay Christian man who reintroduced me to my faith and helped me to realize that God does love me for who I am. He created me just as I am and He has a plan for me. My friend also helped me to realize that it was possible to have a gay, monogamous, Christian relationship that could last a lifetime and be filled with the joy and happiness that Christ brings into ones life. I began to pray.

That relationship faltered, then ended, and through all of the pain of losing the one that I truly loved and the one who helped me to accept who I was and to be proud of it, I knew that I still had THEE One; God. So I continued to pray to Him and to ask Him for guidance and for a Love here on earth. My prayer schedule waned and I did not read my Bible every day nor did I pray every day. But I did read a book on prayer and a book by Peter J. Gomes,”The Good Book” which helped me to understand prayer and what the Bible really says about homosexuality, and I listened to my inner thoughts. After experiencing love for the first time at age 35, I knew that I wanted a friend for life, a soul mate-a gay, monogamous relationship. But I was getting lonely as the months passed and my faith dwindled because I did not think God was listening to me. But He was and He answered my prayers almost three months ago when He guided me to an advertisement placed on the Internet. A Christian man, aged 38, was seeking another Christian male for a long-term, monogamous relationship, devoid of drugs, alcohol, and disease, yet filled with love, honesty and compassion. Too good to be true? Maybe. But I listened to my inner-thoughts and I knew that he was the one for me. God was guiding my thoughts just like I had asked Him to do. He lead me to a man who is so much like me in both lifestyle and thought that when we finally met and got to know one another, it seemed as if we had already known one another for a lifetime.

How important is prayer in a Christian’s life? It is essential! It is our link to our Maker; the One who wants to love us unconditionally and to make us happy here on earth before we enter His world in heaven. Through prayer we exchange our daily thoughts and problems with God who accepts them wholeheartedly and without hesitation. He forgives us when we have sinned and He celebrates with us when we have succeeded. I know that without prayer my life would be lonely and filled with pain and misery because I would not have a link with God. I need my daily talk with God so that I can tell Him what I have done and what I would like to do. Without my daily prayer and my requests for love and forgiveness, I would not be experiencing the joy and happiness that I am today. God has filled my life with all that I need, and now He has introduced me to the man that I will love for an eternity. I believe that had I not returned to my faith and begun to pray again, I would not have a future that looks as bright as it does today. I thank God Almighty everyday for the blessings He has bestowed upon me and I know that my new life partner and I will pray together for the rest of our lives and we will thank God for His many blessings.

Peace be with you. Pray to Him and He shall listen.