Should Liberal Christians Compromise?

The latest Internet brouhaha has been the apparent “rift” between progressive or more centrist Christians and the religious left. In my latest post over at Religion Dispatches I make the case that liberal Christians can stand their ground with compassion —  just like that guy Jesus did.

Here’s an excerpt:

Those in the more centrist progressive camp seem quick to sell their liberal souls for a little piece of “common ground” and “political privilege” on issues like abortion—arguing for “abortion reduction” while often sacrificing unfettered abortion rights for women. Or, forsaking their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters altogether as Jim Wallis and other politically privileged “progressive” Christians are doing. What motivates the search for “common ground”? Are those on the religious left really seeking systemic equity or are they simply seeking to “establish a private kingdom of self-service”? It’s a question that needs to be seriously considered.

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