Around the ‘Net

Here are some stories you may have missed:

Christian Family Fights Adoption by Gay Couple – what, the gay couple can’t be a “Christian family”? Not when Christianity Today writes the headline, apparently.

E-Harmony sets up a new dating service just for gays and lesbians after a lawsuit – now there’s a new lawsuit, saying that new site equates to “separate but equal.”

Religious reaction (pro and con) to the Iowa Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-gender marriage in that state.

In all the excitment over Iowa, you may have missed the news that Sweden legalized same-gender marriage on April Fool’s day – but it’s no joke!

Finally the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the The Presbyterian Church (USA) is working on granting ordination to gay and lesbian clergy, without that ridiculous “celibacy” clause.