Soap Goes Gay Christian in Britain

Looks like the British soap opera Coronation Street will be getting a lesbian character – but not just any old lesbian character – this one will be a Christian lesbian!

Sophie Webster, a 16-year-old character, may begin the relationship with another girl from her Bible study group, the source told a national newspaper.

The source said: “The show’s bosses want to create a soap representative of society in 2009.

“They are acutely aware that they need more gay characters and that they need to tackle more gay issues.”

This is the latest soap to portray a clash between Christian beliefs and homosexuality in a bid to reflect the reality of modern Britain.

I’m sure they’ll have characters trotting out the “abomination” arguments from the Bible. Wish we could see it here in the states to see how they handle it, but perhaps our cousins across the pond will keep us informed.