Some Possible Theology Exam Questions

Instructions: You may answer all, any or none of the following. You do not have an eternity to complete the paper!

  • How many different ways can you spell Schillibeeckx?
  • Has the Church always taught anything? Be specific.
  • Reflect on the Seven Deadly sins. Describe how you have integrated these in your life.
  • Who wrote the Summa Theologica, and why?
  • Why is Simon Stylites important in the history of Eccentric Spirituality?
  • Compare the discernment process of Ignatius with that of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Does Karl Rahner believe in verbs?
  • Construct, on a single legal-size sheet, a mockup of the Trinity.
  • Chart the progress of a mystic climbing Dante’s Mount of Purgation from the inside.
  • If the headquarters of the Church are in Rome, where are its hind quarters. Illustrate.
  • Which of the following do not belong in a given group:
    a. Rahner, Kung, Howdy Doody, Dulles, Schillebeeckx?
    b. Ecclesiology, Christology, Mariology, Phrenology, Eschatology?
    c. Esther, Madonna, Ruth, Judith, Sarah?
    d. bishop, cardinal, priest, deacon, cowboy?
    e. John XXIII, Malcolm X, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II?
  • In light of Protestant theology of the ’60s, discuss post-modernist architecture of contemporary Church design. If God is indeed dead, have they buried him standing?
  • Do moral theologians have a sense of humor? Illustrate. (Venial sin for mispellings or typos!)