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An Open Letter to Homophobic Christian Parents

I am not your daughter or your son. But if you are a Christian with a lesbian daughter or a gay son, and if you’ve allowed yourself to be spoon-fed the typical, traditional condemning rhetoric about homosexuality, I can probably speak for her or him.

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Why Homophobic Legalists Don’t Listen

Legalism is an idolatrous religion. Legalistic judgmental religion is based on absolute commitment to biblical literalism, which is the conviction that every word of the Bible is literally true and every statement in the Bible has equal authority as the word of God. This approach

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Heterosexual Questionnaire

This Heterosexual Questionnaire reverses the questions that are very often asked of gays and lesbians by straight people. By having to answer this type of question, the heterosexual person will get some intellectual and emotional insight in to how oppressive and discriminatory a “Straight” frame

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Facing One’s Own Anti-Gay Bias

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, Thursday, April 10, 1997 I have said ugly things about gay people, and I’ve laughed at gay jokes. I, who am female and black, and who know firsthand the sting of contempt, and how bigotry can suck the light right out