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The Good News of Original Blessing

If revamping Social Security is the deadly “third rail” of politics, asking for the focus of Christianity to move from the idea of “fall and redemption” to a more positive way of thinking about God and our faith, is apparently the theological “third rail.” The

Tealight Candle on Human Palms

Lighten Up!

I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, it was so dark. My partner and I were standing deep inside the bowels of a mountain in Montana. One of the excursions we had taken on this day of our vacation was to

Woman and dog on lake shore

Ministers in Fur

Coming home from the hospital, it was still several months before I could return to work. I had been temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, due to a neurological disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. After undergoing physical therapy to learn to walk again, I hobbled around

Holding hands

Anger and Compassion

“God Hates Fags!” “Matthew Shephard is Burning in Hell!” “No Tears for Queers!” Those were just some of the signs being held aloft by the protesters at this year’s Gay Pride Parade in Atlanta. The protesters had come all the way to Atlanta from their

Stained glass window image of Jesus

Jesus: Icon or Iconoclast?

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, Shreveport, La.  Disclaimer: Before I start, I want to make a few brief disclaimers. Our church (like other UU churches) has a tradition of a free and open pulpit. In other words, my search for truth and the words I