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Church Within a Church Movement Sets Course

(Chicago, Illinois) — The progressive grassroots Church Within A Church Movement in the United Methodist Church, met October 14-16 in Chicago for its regular semi-annual Coordinating Team Meeting. The agenda included joining a larger meeting of multiple progressive United Methodist caucuses to learn more ways

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Are We Being True to Our Faiths?

Every four years the United Methodist Church (UMC) has a general conference where church rules and future plans are established. The UMC has generally been regarded as a more liberal denomination but, at the 2000 conference, it took a strongly conservative stand against homosexuals. Since

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How Faiths Fight Fires

Recently, just as an ecumenical gathering was commencing, a secretary rushed in shouting, “The building is on fire!” The Methodists gathered in a corner and prayed. The Baptists cried, “Where is the water?” The Quakers quietly praised God for blessings that fire brings. The Lutherans

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The Fighting Methodists and the Political Right

Co-authored with Stephen Swecker, editor of Zion’s Herald Northwestern, one of America’s great universities, was begun by the Methodist Church in 1850 outside Chicago in a church parsonage. The school had outstanding football teams in the early years of the 20th century and came to

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Urgently Devoted to the God of Love and Justice

Northaven United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas Reading: John 6:25-40 First in a series of sermons on a proposed new mission statement “We, the children, youth and adults of Northaven are called to be a community urgently devoted to the God whose gift is love and

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A Pastoral Letter from Cleveland

Grace to you and peace. I did not plan to join the protesters. Most certainly, neither Diane nor I intended to be jailed in Cleveland during the General Conference. But the Holy Spirit moved us and here I am in the Cleveland jail for the

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Another Missed Opportunity

A Message from the Office of the Moderator, UFMCC The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches joins justice-seeking people within the United Methodist denomination and in the larger community in expressing profound sorrow and disappointment at the decision of the Conference delegates in Cleveland, Ohio