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Mainline Called Uncounted Force for Change

The White House has an oft-overlooked religious ally for solving the country’s social problems through greatly expanded government programs, if a new survey of senior pastors in mainline Protestant churches is a good indication. Republican politicians and commentators have opposed President Obama’s economic stimulus initiatives

Wooden Church Tower

Gay Acceptance Has Advances and Setbacks in Three Denominations

“The Church’s Unfinished Sexual Revolution” was the title of an article in the spring 2006 issue of Yale Divinity School’s Reflections magazine. In it longtime Christian ethicist James B. Nelson described some progress in church thinking about sexual ethics, but contended that the church’s agenda

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United Methodist Pastor Speaks of Transgender Experience

A United Methodist News Service report A transgender United Methodist pastor has shared his story with other members of the denomination’s Baltimore-Washington Conference in the hopes of promoting a broader discussion about gender identity. The Rev. Drew Phoenix – formerly the Rev. Ann Gordon –

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Putting Faith in America

What do a defrocked Methodist minister, a furniture maker and a former, self-described, homophobic, right-wing bigot have in common? A commitment to ending religious-based discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Their weapon of choice? Advertising. “These ads are intended to start something –

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The Journey of Acceptance

Northaven United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas Reading for the Second Sunday in Lent and Trinity Sunday: John 3:1-17 In case you haven’t figured it out, there is something advertisers know about us. There is something that the sellers of consumer goods know about us. There

Cades Cove (TN) Methodist Church

Stroud To File Appeal of Church Trial Decision

United Methodist News Service (Dec. 27, 2004) – Irene Elizabeth “Beth” Stroud has decided to appeal the Dec. 2 decision by a United Methodist trial court to revoke her ministerial credentials. Then the associate pastor at First United Methodist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia, she