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Complex clouds form after many inches of rain over several days near Stockton, California.

The Fiercest Love

Let our kiss infringe upon the holy, Spilling truth on their toxins. After suffering infinite silence and death of rebellion, Let church bells ring in our honor— The shunned and ravaged brothers and sisters “In God’s name,” But God never said. Let choir birds sing

Gay couple holding hands in front of a rainbow flag signifying support and love

A 30-Day Riot of Love

My calendar this morning reminded me that we’re almost halfway through June 2020, perhaps the strangest Pride Month in LGBTQI history. Am I the only one for whom the last three months of sheltering in place feels as if it’s both the longest and shortest

People Wearing Multicolored Socks

Why Our Pride is a Gift to the Rest of Society

There’s still a need for opportunities to show that LGBTQI people are not only here but are glad they are. I’m not sure the best way to do it is through today’s versions of Pride Festivals, but nevertheless, I’m convinced that any opportunity for LGBTQI

Drag queens in pride parade

The Counterproductive Nature of Pride Parades

Editor’s note: Joe Jervis made his first post of “Watching the Defectives” in 2005 and began reposting it every June since; here’s an index of them.  In his Saturday, June 19th posting of a piece titled “Watching the Defectives” on his blog Joe.My.God, Joe Jervis published

The White House with Pride Colors

What Would Jesus Do at a Pride Parade?

On June 1st, President Barack Obama officially declared June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. Of course, June has been Pride Month since the Stonewall Riots in June 1969, and there are parades and festivities occurring this month all around the world,

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Lazarus in the Pride Parade

Jesus received a message that Lazarus was sick. Jesus did not leave immediately to see Lazarus. He waited for two days before going to see Lazarus. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead and buried for four days. This is where we will

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash

Gay Pride 101

The LAGGP (Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade) is an experience that no one should miss. It’s kind of like that old saying, “See Paris and die.” Well folks I guess I can check out now, I have seen Paris – Paris Hilton – and almost

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash

Peace Through Pride

Peace through Pride. This is the theme for our Pride Festival and Parade in Oklahoma City this year. I have heard that many people are not excited about this theme and I saw an article in the paper the other day where a person asked,