The Christian Walk

Christian life is a road that takes dedication and, perseverance. It is a life that if held true, can bring many rewards. The fact that many do not find Jesus till it is almost too late, or they are at the jumping off place should hold no bearing. It is not that faith is a crutch, or even an unseen way to justify the horror of daily life. It is in fact where we come from. Everyone has written about “not going home again.” I know in my heart that these are mere words. Going home is something that we cannot avoid, no matter how much we want to. We all come from the almighty God above. His gift to us is right here in front of us, everyday. It is life, and the experience of free will. What we do with that gift is up to us.

As a gay Christian we are faced with more than our fair share of battles. The gay community wonders if we have been psychologically damaged by the straight Christians. The straight Christians think we are on a fast track to hell. It is a road that takes a brave soul to walk day in and day out.

I have watched many people claiming to be the prophet, or the so called chosen one. Well, I am here to tell you that we are all of gods. No, one shall be any more significant than the other. Yes, that is right. You can find your way to heaven, on your very own. You do not need to follow, worship, and serve as a servant to any mortal to enter heaven. “Work your own salvation out with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12 King James Version.)

These are the words of the holy, and they do not say unless. See my point? While you are running around trying to impress the church, the leaders, and the self made prophets of the church, you are forgetting who it is that we all should be serving – God. So simple, and yet it seems that the almighty is being lost every day.

The churches are becoming houses of the leaders. They are forgetting it is not about the bottom line of the church, its members, donations, plays, service count on holidays. It is the almighty. How does your light help the world? This is the question at hand. Why are we trying to please one another? Why are we not out in the world, and trying to spread

God’s Love? I was raised in the Pentecostal holiness church. I spent many years in fear of what the church taught me. I had nightmares, and was afraid I was going to hell for everything. Drinking tea, wearing shorts, cutting hair, not cutting hair, laughing too much, eating certain foods, not attending enough services, not following the prophets close enough. Then something happened. I picked up my Bible. I read the words in the book that I spent most of my life trying to understand through the words of the preacher, teachers, and prophets.

The words gave me hope. I found a whole new light, and it was the light of God. I no longer had to try to be a Christian, I was a Christian. I am a Christian. I found my own way. Imagine the horror to those that I allowed to run my life. Now, do not misinterpret my words. Respect the elders of the church, the leaders, the minister, and yes even the self proclaimed prophets. This is God’s will for us to do so. But, it is also God’s will for us to follow our own free will. Live life, and let your light shine. Do not ask someone else what you should do. Know what you should do. Pray, study, and walk with God. I have heard so many ask, “Is God here with us?” waiting for someone to tell them that God is with us. Look around you, breathe, smell, taste. Hug your children, walk your pet. God is in everything, as it was God that gave us the gift in the first place.

Pray about the world, pray about your love life, pray about your kids. The holy on high, is the best counsel one can have. You have a direct line. You do not need someone to pray for you, and you don’t need someone to tell you what Gods plan is for you. You need to find God yourself. Open your heart, and your ears. God will guide you. Guess what? He will not mislead you ever. If any man tells you that is not god. Than you simply say, “Pray for me, and that I will do God’s will.” If they try to tell you what it is that you are to do, ask them when God called them and told them what you are supposed to do.

It always amazes me to see the arrogance that comes with a position in the church. I have watched the many of strong faith, become the few of self proclaimed holier than thou types. I mean you take a man that believes in free will and you give him a position, and all reason leaves the building. There are good people in the world that work everyday to help others find God. It is the others that I speak of. It is so easy to become in all of someone that seems so pure. I am here to tell you don’t believe it. They are men, like you and I. They wake up everyday and start their day just as we do. Don’t let the halo fool you.

Have any of these points hit home yet? Why would anyone read these words? Who is this writer, and who does he think he is? I will tell you. I am a child of the King. That’s right, God almighty. I was given the free will, and choice to live my life. You see there are those that will still say, there is one way to heaven. Well, I believe through many years of study, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Do, I have all the answers? No, and I would not want to be the one to tell anyone how to walk their walk in the lord. I want to spread hope, for those that struggle. Believe in yourself, and believe that you are worthy; without anyone telling you that you are. You are a child of a King. That says it all.