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Rev. Greg Dell’s Statement

Sisters and brothers, you have decided that I was disobedient “to the Order and Discipline of the United Methodist Church.” I know many of you struggled with that because I know you. Now you must impose a penalty which you believe is appropriate and responds

Cades Cove (TN) Methodist Church

Rev. Greg Dell: Embracing the Exile | Interview

As hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians are forced from their homes in Kosovo, Rev. Greg Dell sees a similar human tragedy playing itself out on a smaller scale within the United Methodist Church, as it prosecutes its clergy for openly violating a church rule

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UFMCC Celebrates 30 Years

A Pastoral Message On The Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of UFMCC Dear Saints: This has been a powerful week in my personal life. On October 6th, we observed the 30th anniversary of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. I’ve replayed the events of

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

What MCC Has Meant to Me

It’s been nearly 10 years since I first set foot inside a Metropolitan Community Church. I didn’t even know such a church, aimed at the spiritual well-being and safety of gays and lesbians, existed, until my partner at the time saw an article in a

St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, UK

A Soulforce Response to the Sad News From Canterbury

The truth about God’s lesbian and gay children suffered a tragic (though temporary) setback this Wednesday, August 5, 1998. In Canterbury, England, bishops from 160 nations representing 70 million Anglicans worldwide (including the Episcopal Church in the U.S.) voted 526 to 70 (with 40 abstentions)

St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, UK

Lambeth Ruling Angers Liberals

In the aftermath of the anti-lesbigay vote of Anglican bishops, there is anger, rejection, defiance, networking, mourning, organizing, and that “gutted and lynched feeling.” The lasting image of the now-concluding global Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops will likely prove to be the confrontation between Nigerian

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Summer of ’68: The Founding of UFMCC

Here’s a powerful and moving story that has never received adequate historical coverage. But it is a bit of history that forever changed the international struggle for gay rights and equality. In the summer of 1968, one year prior to the Stonewall events, there was