The Father

Suppose, I was a king and I went out and adopted 10 children. I chose them and brought them into my house, they are my children. I bestowed upon them every gift in my kingdom. I poured out my love on each of them equally. Each comes to me and talks to me, they love me and I love them. Now they are my children and I send them out to play together.

These 10 children go out and play together and then they begin to fuss and argue. As children do they point out one anothers frailties, shortcomings, differences and begin to torment one another. “You’re ugly, you’re dumb, you’re fat, you’re stupid, you’re gay, you’re lesbian, you’re short, you’re tall, you’re black, you’re yellow, you’re red etc.” the name calling and finger pointing continues. Tormenting each other, they get meaner and meaner. Of course the ultimate threat and rejection is that you are not really a child of God. This will make you feel worse than anything. It is the ultimate threat, your worst nightmare. To be out of the family is the most horrible thought of this adopted child. You want more than anything to be a part of the family. The other children point and say “You are black, you can’t be a child of God.” “You are a girl, you can’t be a child of God.” “You are gay, you can’t be a child of God.” “You are lesbian, you can’t be a child of God.” “You are blue, you can’t be a child of God.”

So that child who is rejected by the others, simply walks away from the kingdom. Out of the gate and onto the streets. They feel as if they are all alone. No longer a child of God. No longer under his protection, no longer a receiver of his love. No longer a part of the family. And here is where many gays and lesbians are today. They have spent their lives walking the streets utterly alone. They feel unloved, unworthy, and worst of all they feel like God never really loved them. They feel like God lied to them. No child ever felt more alone.

But there is a call out. Someone is searching. Where is my child? They are calling, but because you are so lost, so afraid, so full of self hatred, you don’t think He is calling you. Come Home my child come home. Daddy is calling you. You say to yourself, they said that you can’t be blue and be a child of God, He can’t be calling me. I am blue through and through. He can’t be calling me. My child where are you? He continues to call you. You think to yourself, He is a liar, he said that he would always love me but he didn’t. My child, my child where are you? You think, I won’t let him hurt me again, he threw me out on the street once he will do it again, I won’t listen, I won’t come to him. I won’t let him hurt me again.

But the Father has something to tell you. I love you my child, I love you. I will never cast you out, I will never leave you, I will always be your Father. I will never let you go. You see you chose to listen to the other children, you chose to walk away. You are MY child and only I determine who is in my family. My door was always open to you. My heart was always towards you. And I have been searching for you continuously. Come home my child, come home.