The Fiercest Love

Let our kiss infringe upon the holy,
Spilling truth on their toxins.
After suffering infinite silence and death of rebellion, Let church bells ring in our honor— The shunned and ravaged brothers and sisters “In God’s name,”
But God never said.

Let choir birds sing of freedom in our hearts, Plagued by twisted falsehood, From the hate and fury preached “in God’s name.”
But God never said.
Woe to the sinners who cast the first stone, Spewing fire in the name of love.
Clothe and care who are alone,
Don’t revile His name above.

Recall the hearts of Sodom,
Too wicked to become the lamb.
Evil rises from the bottom,
To write our names in the sand.
Remember that faith and love are intertwined, Not blood and bone apart.
As the wicked remain wicked,
Be compassionate as you are.

Holy sharks encircle blood of youth,
In either flames of lust or poured to hell; Both originate from the wicked well.
Only love is pure from brother to brother, Not judgments passed from one to another.
Soak God’s grace in the falling rain,
To quiet the anger that dwells in the cracks of your pain.

We are the living crucifixions in the mosaic of faith, Forever hidden in silence.
But commence truth and tell them the stories, To paint the love behind the “defiance.”— Of how it felt when you first met.
When you knew that it was love.
The times you cried until sunrise because of things he said at sunset.
When you regretted being too afraid to kiss him goodbye.
When you kissed his mother and shook his father’s hand.
When you danced under moonlight in the comfort of the dark, To the beat of the traffic, Traffic in your heart.

Though constantly shaken by debates of grace and sin, Live fiercely and faithfully proud and we’re forgiven.
Rain kisses upon the holy who claim to be above— Dumbstruck amnesiacs to His everlasting laws of love.
Outlaws naked in the desert,
Droplets poured across the Sea.
Different seekers and lovers of Jesus
Anchor the heart of me.
Lord God, pour your love from every cloud until the rest are free.