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Complex clouds form after many inches of rain over several days near Stockton, California.

The Fiercest Love

Let our kiss infringe upon the holy, Spilling truth on their toxins. After suffering infinite silence and death of rebellion, Let church bells ring in our honor— The shunned and ravaged brothers and sisters “In God’s name,” But God never said. Let choir birds sing

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Spiritual Resources

Recently I received e-mail from a 14-year-old lesbian who is struggling with rejection from her parents and her fundamentalist church. Where do GLBT teenagers turn for spiritual help when their own parents and churches turn against them? Where do you turn for spiritual resources that

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Young, Gay and Christian

Greetings, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Being young, gay, and Christian doesn’t seem to be a reality for some people. But I’m living proof! It isn’t the easiest thing to be. I thought being a Christian is hard. Try being “Young, Gay

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Making Prank Calls to God

Hello? Hello? Click! Why is it that so many Christians prank call our Heavenly Father? Can you imagine what it must have been like when Moses had hiked all the way up Mount Sinai to find that cooky bush that just kept burning? I imagine

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Dare To Be an Elihu!

So, you are probably asking yourself, “Who or what is an Elihu?”. Well, I am. And you can be too. Elihu was a young and powerful man of God who challenged Job and his friends. In Chapter 32:6-21 of the book of Job, Elihu says