The Power of Prayer Is Real

The awesome power of prayer is almost beyond comprehension. In my life prayer has been a large source of my everyday existence… without the constant prayer exchange between myself and God, life would be unbearable.

My greater experiences with prayer is this:

One morning I was awaken from sleep with the over powering need to start praying for someone. Not knowing who to pray for I began praying in the spirit until the comprehension left and peace had returned. I thought that perhaps it was my daughter who was attending a Girl Scout camp at the time, or even my spouse (as I was married at the time). Later that day, my spouse called and told me what had happened that morning. He had been working with some LP gas tanks and hoisting them up on a chain to be loaded. He was standing beneath one of the tanks when something told him to move and to do it quickly. He stepped aside and within a few minutes the chain broke and the tank fell right where he had been standing. This was exactly the same time the Lord had instilled in me to start praying.

The power of prayer is real!

Another occasion was when my spouse had been in another situation at work where he had cut off the top section of his index finger. It was barely attached. I got a call to come to the local hospital. When I arrived at the emergency room, the doctors wanted to cut the finger off, as we were told it would never heal properly. I knew in my spirit that the doctors were wrong and actually told them to sew it back on. My spouse said do it. I started to pray in the emergency room and asked God to heal this finger even as the Doctors were saying it would never work. They put a splint on it and bandage and told him to come back to the office in about a week, as they would probably have to remove it then. I continued to pray over the finger. It was completely healed and there was never even a scar. The doctors were amazed.

The power of prayer is real!

Several years ago I injured my knee and tore all of the ligaments out of the right knee. The doctors wanted to operate, but I felt that it would not be necessary. I did not know that, at that time, that God had bigger plans. I walked on crutches for about 2 months and was in pain most of the time. One day I was hurting especially bad, so I had taken a book, propped my foot up and layed down for a while. The book told of a story about a healing of a lady, that had my name by the way, for an injury of her knee. The evangelists were praying for her, in the book, and she fell under the power of the Holy Spirit, and was instantly healed. At that very moment the pain in my knee vanished, the swelling went down, and my knee was healed also. This was not only an anwer to prayer but a miracle.

There are so many testimonies I could share here but don’t want to take up the entire space. God is good. I have no doubt in my mind that if we truly expect God to answer our prayers He will! Don’t allow man (humans) to make you think that God doesn’t work in wonderous ways anymore because, as believers, we should know better. He has come to heal the sick, not only in body, but in spirit and in soul.