The War on Terrorism: A Problem Still Plaguing the LGBT Community

When most people think of terrorism, they usually think of foreigners invading their land, especially the incident on Sept. 11. The disturbing truth is terrorism has been plaguing the LGBT community for decades resulting in acts of discrimination and violence. A number of murders of LBGT victims are by so-called Christians doing the “Lord’s work by eradicating those heathens.”

Sad but true, many Christians back these perpetrators up, for example the Matthew Shepherd case. When he was killed many people were astonished at this horrendous act until they found out he was a homosexual. The attitude changed to, “well he got what he deserved. It serves him right.”

Like they say, “ignorance is bliss” and believe me, there are a lot of happy people in the world. Seriously, we must educate people in the world about our community and about what the Bible really says. People tend to take certain scriptures out of context.

A pastor once mentioned in one of his sermons that we must read the whole chapter(s) in order to get a clear meaning and when we do we must ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. I am reading a book called The Bible Tells Me So by Jim Hill And Rand Cheadle. It explores scriptures people use to discriminate against minorities, hatred of homosexuals, justify slavery, among other issues.

I think one way to stop this terrorism is through education. With education, people tend to be more understanding. People tend to want to destroy what they don’t understand.