The ‘Yuck’ Vote Strikes Again

Well, the dark forces have prevailed again, this time in Maine. Voters there, by a narrow margin, vetoed marriage rights for same-sex couples.

The narrowness of our loss is not much comfort. The “Yuck” Vote strikes again.

Basically, the argument of the anti-equality crowd was the same as always: “Eeeewww, those scary, icky gays wanna do WHAT?!”

Though they try to cloak their revulsion in religious terms, in truth it has nothing to do with moral rectitude.

Straights have been obsessed with sex for at least the last forty years. They have shown — time and time again — that NOTHING: not their own marriages, not their human dignity, not even their supposedly-so-precious children, is as important to them as their own gratification. Which must neither be delayed nor dampened by anybody.

Especially the likes of us.

Everyone and everything must please them. Must entertain them. Because, you know, for them it is always all about themselves.

This is the deep, dark heart of why these people behave as they do. We have cramped their self-indulgent style. Instead of the sexual, sensual “yum” for which they so voraciously hunger, we — quite unforgivably — make them go “yuck.”

It isn’t their sterling morality we violate by wanting to marry for love and properly care for our loved ones. It is their demand for — their obsession with — their own, insatiable pleasure.

Marriage is never what they cared about. It is their own fun. Quite simply, we bum their trip.

They protest that they don’t like imagining “what we do” in bed. Inquiring minds must ask, why do they spend so much time imagining it in the first place? We never invited them on that trip; they took it on their own.

We need to stop allowing these sexual obsessives to hide behind their make-believe morality. THEY are the ones who want the issue of our marriages to be about sex. WE are the ones who want it to be about something much, much more.

Until we reveal our tormentors’ twisted little psyches for what they really are, we will not be able to give our love the protection it deserves.