When You’re Cryin’

When you’re cryin’ on the inside, and puttin’ on the face,
When your heart feels like its breakin’ and you want to quit the race.

You are not alone, dear child, the Father gently says,
Lay your head upon my shoulder and let Me calm your fears.

When you’re cryin’ on the inside but actin’ like alls well,
When you feel so sad and lonely and life has gone to hell;

You’re not alone in darkness, God sees your secret pain.
The God who rules the Universe will soon make all things plain.

Give up your heart to His embrace, rest in His mighty arms,
And know that God works all things out, protects you from all harm.

When you’re cryin’ on the inside, your tears won’t last the night.
The morning sun will soon arise, when God makes all things right.

The joy you lost, the tears you shed, the heart you felt would break,
These distant memories soon fade, as God a new life makes.

Start livin’ in the sunshine, stop drownin’ in your tears,
Stop livin’ life a captive to all your doubts and fears.

God’s plan for you is victory, God’s love for you is clear,
Each problem in your life you face, your Lord is standing near.

You cannot be defeated, you cannot lose or fail.
The storms God lets invade your life can only fill your sails.

The storms of life can only blow, the howling winds must drive,
Your ship to sunny, cloudless seas, in places where you’ll thrive.

God uses storms and tears and pain, to shape us for His way,
The stress and darkness, tears and pain will teach us how to pray.

So when life starts to get you down and you really hurt inside,
Trust God’s pure love and God’s kind hand to always be your guide.