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Two men holding hands in a field

So, Who’s Coming Out?

Coming out has many connotations for me, and everyday I add some. When we become aware of our individuality, say around puberty, we often wonder who we are in relation to the next person. The answer for some comes easier than for others. The degree

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Gay Morality: Yes or No?

I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur when I started thinking about the past year and what came to pass in my own life and in my church’s, Gay Christian Community in Cape Town, South Africa. I suppose my melancholic mood was brought on

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

The God I Came To Know

Gay people who love God have a tough time reconciling the two concepts. This is not because of its ‘paradoxical nature’, but rather due to the brainwashing we have to endure from childhood. Homophobia is just one of many sad human afflictions and to truly