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Apple on Tree in Orchard

Who Says I Sin?

“He was sobbing not just because he thought he had just done the most evil (sinful) thing he could possibly do, but because it was the thing he had most wanted to do ever since he became a self-conscious being.” – Andrew Sullivan, When Plagues

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Great Tidings of Comfort and Joy

The war is over. Don’t be afraid any more. It’s time to celebrate. A battle will, maybe, be lost now and then but in the long term victory will be ours. The Christian church cannot survive as a homophobic institution. Indeed it is debatable whether

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Faith: God Moves in Mysterious Ways

My faith was a lost cause over 40 years ago. In fact I wonder if I ever had any. Is belief in something or other faith? I suppose I believed in God but did that constitute a ‘faith’? A belief should manifest itself in something